THE LUME Indianapolis  is proud to host DALÍ ALIVE, delighting visitors’ senses with a celebration of Dalí’s genius.

“A great way to see one of my favorite artist's work. [A] truly immersive and educational experience to share with friends and family. I highly recommend seeing this…for the mere size of the screens and sound quality of the presentation.” - Mike

“I am a Docent and Guild member at the Dalí Museum in St Petersburg. The immersive experience was fabulous, and the telling of Dalí’s life story was beautifully presented.” - Christine B

“Exceeded expectations for the whole family. Thanks!” – Michael N.

render of dali alive experience

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Grande Experiences, the co-creator and producer of DALÍ ALIVE, is a world leader in the creation, design, production, promotion, and installation of large-scale exhibitions and multi-sensory immersive experiences with broad cultural appeal along with engaging, entertaining, and educational content.

From concept to completion, Grande Experiences creates visually and technically stunning masterpieces and presents them around the world. Its experiences have been displayed 230+ times in over 175 host cities, in 33 languages, across six continents, enthralling more than 20 million visitors.

render of dali alive experience

The Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida (USA), celebrates the life and work of Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) and holds an unparalleled collection of over 2,400 Dalí works representing every moment and medium in his creative life.

The Dalí is recognized internationally by the Michelin Guide with a three-star rating; has been deemed “one of the top buildings to see in your lifetime” by AOL Travel News; and was named one of the 10 most interesting museums in the world by Architectural Digest. The Dalí’s acclaimed digital experiences have received numerous national and international awards for innovation. The Museum is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and share Dalí’s legacy and serve as an active resource in the cultural life of the community and the world at large. Visit The Dalí in St. Petersburg, Florida and online at

Exterior photo of the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

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“…The world will admire me. Perhaps I'll be despised and misunderstood, but I'll be a genius, a great genius, I'm certain of it.”
- Salvador Dalí
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